Mary is a true inspiration of a mother’s unwavering love and persistence to find the answers to give her autistic son Kevin his best life possible. Mary has gone from “being at the end of her rope” to finding triumph and success for Kevin. She says, “Consistency with the right roadmap make all the difference”.

Please listen to Mary’s inspirational story, and share it with those you know on the autism journey who could also use some inspiration.

From Mary regarding her son’s autism journey:

October 2023

Currently Kevin 16 year old, 10th grade


Diagnosed 2009 (2yrs)- speech impairment- went to pre school in elementary school for the speech

Diagnosed 2012 (5) Autism like features, ADHD- told to go to Social Skills

Diagnosed 2016 (9) Autism level 2 needing substantial support, ADHD, Auditory processing delays, sensory issues, speech language impairment, Learning disability

Our Journey up to joining the Naturally Recovering Autism Program

A lot of research, going to different Autism Dr’s. Trying different protocols for 4 years. Little progress.

Speech, OT, feeding classes, Brain mapping, changed diet, cranial doctor, Chiropractor, supplements

Little eye contact, stomach issues, gluten intolerance, low weight, hitting, biting

At school, he hid a lot under the desks even in 6th grade. In 7th grade, he would leave to go to the bathroom and stay in there for a LONG time.

Active with soccer, Baseball/- challenger league, and Tae-Kwon-Do.

Started Naturally Recovering Autism program 11/2020

 With little eye contact, stomach issues, gluten intolerance, low weight, hitting, biting, low social skills Below grade level for all classes except Math
Struggling with Life

Importance of staying in the program

Today: Moved from Autism level 2 down to Autism level 1. Still below grade level in the reading/ language skills. He is about 8/9 grade level in reading/language. Has grown educationally 99% in the last year.

Math 10/11th grade- on point

Social skills have improved about 90%. I can see growth daily. I am no longer hearing about video games in every conversation.

We did go through another round of brain mapping summer 2023. The last round was before we started this program. We still go to the chiropractor, Speech and OT (for Vision therapy) Cranial doctor (as needed).

This year 1st quarter at school. Kevin is FINALLY on the HONOR ROLL. He finishes all assignments, Asks for help in class when he needs it. He sits and reads with me at night. He does not go to the bathroom at school and hang out. He is a pleasure at school. He has a few friends.

Great eye contact, no more stomach issues, no hitting, biting. Kevin is calm.

Participated in soccer (typical team), track, power lifting (going to states in November at ESPN Wide World of Sports. Kevin has chores every weekend he mows the yard, and washes/puts away his laundry. Sometimes he washes the dishes without me asking. He engages with our pets, and they come up to him for petting. Leader at social skills group. Volunteers at his therapy facility during school breaks.

Summer 2023, Kevin was a teen leader at our Community Center for the summer camps. And, he plans on returning for the 2024 summer. He loves working with younger kiddos. He volunteers at the Community Center for all community functions.

Many (many) compliments from neighbors, family, school, speech and OT therapists on Kevin’s progression over the last 3 years.

I believe the key importance is staying in the program. Keep working on those co infections. Keep getting Robert’s updated elixir readings (part of Karen’s program). Go back through the herbal formulas for coinfections (in Karen’s program) after you finish tier two and see what still needs to be worked on. Keep practicing muscle testing- you will get it.

I have seen more results in Karen’s program in 3 years than I did with the Autism Dr., and his protocol in 4 years.

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Personally knowing the challenges parents face on the autism journey I knew I had to share the roadmap that brought me the success I had with my own son’s autism.

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