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Naturally Recovering Autism

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Healthy Products


Just Thrive (capsules can be opened and poured into food or beverage)


Dr. Ohhira’s by Essential Formulas

Liver Support

Liver Detoxification Pathway Elixir



Trienza (capsules-can be opened up)

Trienza (chewable)


Gut Repair 



Natural Heavy Metal Detoxification

Liquid zeolites (use code “healthy10” to receive 10% off of your first order)


Omega 3 Fatty Acids (brain, gut, anti-inflammation support)

Zinzino (highest quality fish oil also in vegan formula)


Multivitamin and Minerals from Brainchild Nutritionals (formulated for the extremely sensitive and autism). After registering on their website, use code “naturallyrecoveringautism” at checkout to receive 15% off.

Quinton seawater Trace Minerals


For calming anxious feelings

Vagus Control Signaling elixir


Help with Sleep

Restful Sleep Elixir (liquid)


Yeast (the two products below are used together)

Candelim (liquid) Helps balance pathogenic gut bacteria naturally. Begin slowly, with possibly just one drop per day in the beginning.

Candiclear5 (powder)


The Best Water Filtration System



Water Assists

Quinton Seawater Trace Minerals

Molecular Hydrogen tablets


Electromagnetic Field Radiation Protection

For the best resources for EMF protection that I have found anywhere click here


Far-Infrared Saunas (portable in-home, highest quality)

Free book included with purchase, No Sweat, Know Sweat

See podcast,“The Benefits of Far-Infrared Saunas”for further details


Amen Clinic:

Amen brain and behavior support natural supplements: Please use the following link when you order any supplements from the Amen Clinic,   

Please use the referral code “Karen Thomas” to get a 10% discount on any evaluations and/or SPECT imaging scans at any Amen Clinics, (866)260-8227.


CERAMCOR– non-toxic, healthy cookware


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