Candida is very tricky to work with so you need to know many of the contributing factors and why it is so hard to get rid of. It’s never just one thing, and prsistency is key.

Candida Induced Alcohol Poisoning

Candida requires sugar as food. This can come in the source of any chemical that ends in “ose” such as glucose, fructose, or sucrose. Carbohydrates such as bread and pasta are also converted by the body into sugars that act as another food source for the yeast. When glucose (from sugars and carbohydrates) is digested by Candida, it creates the alcoholic chemical ethanol and its extremely toxic byproduct, acetaldehyde.

Candida and this alcohol, acetaldehyde, are transferred via the placenta to the developing fetus and are capable of doing harm during development. After birth, the baby continues to receive alcohol through the mother’s breast milk.

Alcohol can cause malnutrition by preventing the body from digesting proteins. Many liquid herbal tinctures contain alcohol. Be sure supplements are alcohol free.

Associated problems from alcohol:

  • Aggressive and violent behavior. Alcohol causes damage to areas of the brain that can increase aggressive behavior to violent behavior.
  • Anxiety
  • Lethargy
  • Impaired coordination, speech, and memory loss.
  • Liver damage causing a lowered ability of the body’s detoxification processes.
  • Damage to the intestinal lining reducing the ability for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Inability of the hormones released by the thyroid to become activated. NOTE: The thyroid may produce an acceptable lab test because it is releasing the proper hormones. The problem is that, once released, the hormones cannot do their jobs due to acetaldehyde inhibiting the working sites needed by those hormones.
  • Malabsorption and malnutrition due to inhibition of pancreatic enzymes and reduced ability for the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid.

Altering the bodies’ ability to utilize vitamin B6 which assists in the production of neurotransmitters for the brain.

AntiFungals: Why Not?

We take antifungal agents to fight Candida, but the lesser-known truth is that they just build up resistance to these products and the yeast becomes stronger over time. This makes it harder to get rid of. When the yeast feels threatened by one of our yeast programs, it has the ability to hibernate in tissues where it is kept safe and sheltered from our anti-Candida program. Some are killed off, and we feel the effects of the die-off, so we believe it is working. 

Candida also releases spores which are its “babies.” These spores are also able to hibernate when they sense danger such as a yeast cleansing program or a strengthened immune system. When we feel better and stop our yeast cleanse, the spores come out of hibernation and recolonize in our gut, laying their own new babies, except now they are even stronger. In this case, the Candida problem returns usually worse than it was before.

Leaky Gut

Yeast can attach itself to the wall of the intestines, creating holes that allow undigested foods and other toxins to enter the bloodstream. This is known as “leaky gut.”

It is essential to protect the gut and keep it healthy since it is the main source of our immune system, and it filters out toxins from the environment, including foods. Antibody producing cells line the intestines and secrete a substance called immunoglobulin A or IgA. IgA protects the lining of the intestines by preventing bacteria from binding to it. This prevents the bacteria from passing through the intestinal wall and entering the bloodstream. Candida weakens IgA production.

Beware of using any non-steroidal, non-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS), like aspirin or amphetamines. They are known to weaken the gut lining. Cow’s milk should also be avoided or minimized since it is known to promote leaky gut.

If any food gets into the bloodstream intact, it can be very toxic to the entire system, especially the brain. This lowers resistance to infections and leaves us vulnerable to greater susceptibility of food intolerance and allergies. This is something we see commonly in children with autism.

Immune reactions of this sort cause the body to be in a continual fight for health. When the immune system is constantly in the “on” position, it can become depleted, leaving us even more vulnerable to infection disease and autoimmune illnesses. It also depletes the body’s serotonin levels, which contribute to anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. 

Some examples of illnesses caused by Candida and larger molecules passing through the gut lining are rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, food allergies, celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, skin disorders such as eczema, and pancreatic dysfunction, which reduces the body’s ability to produce enough enzymes needed for digestion of food and for many necessary cellular reactions.

Stress, too many sugars (including bad carbohydrates), fruit, processed food, and alcohol can all repopulate the “bad” bacteria. Just when you think everything is under control, it comes back. Yeast is ongoing if you let it be.

Once the holes in the gut heal, the parasites are eradicated, and the good bacteria are restored to balance, the persons’ susceptibility to these issues diminishes. However, if parasites are detected, the Candida diet will help to eradicate many of the pathogenic bacteria, but the parasite issue must still be addressed.

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