Dr. Feingold as an allergist discovered that certain compounds in foods, natural or synthetic, caused an immunological response rather than an allergic reaction. He saw how diet can clearly create behavioral disorders. people on the autism spectrum are particularly vulnerable to the effects of these chemicals. especially the food dyes. For more information go to;

One of the main components with the “trigger” foods is salicylates. Known most commonly in aspirin, salicylates are also in many foods such as certain fruits, artificial flavors, preservatives, and food dyes. Many of the FDA “approved” dyes also contain lead, mercury, arsenic and other harmful toxins. These toxins attack blood cells, the nervous system, and the mitochondria, (the cell’s energy center).


• Aggression, odd
• Asthma
• Autism
• Bedwetting
• Depression
• Dyslexia, learning disabilities
• Ear infections
• Eczema, hives
• Eye problems
• Headaches, migraines
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Obsessive compulsive disorder
• Oppositional defiance disorder
• Seizures
• Sleep problems
• Speech problems
• Tourette syndrome
• Violence, aggression,

Due to the limited diet of most children eliminating regularly eaten foods should be easy enough. Remove one or more foods from your child’s diet and watch for any changes, even subtle ones. It is important to add only one food back into the diet at a time. Isolating the culprit or culprits is the key.

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