In the case of autism spectrum disorders the body is already busy defending itself on a fairly constant basis. When this happens the body becomes deficient in antioxidants and is vulnerable to greater damage to the immune system.

Good old vitamin C, vitamin E, and omega 3 fatty acids (preferably Black Label Krill, are always helpful and important when fighting toxic damage; however, there are two antioxidants that are far and above any others. They are lipoceutical glutathione and alpha lipoic acid. Antioxidants work best if given in combinations. They strengthen each others abilities and assist the cells and the blood in detoxification, including heavy metal detoxification. They increase the energy of the cells and strengthen other antioxidants by bringing them back to their reduced state so that they are functional again.

When purchasing glutathione it is important to get the lipoceutical or liposomal form. A liposome is like a little bubble that keeps the molecules inside it safe, stable and active. Lipoceutical glutathione is in its reduced state, and antioxidants must be in their reduced state to be effective. This is one of the only absorbable forms of glutathione. It costs more, but it works. Other forms are a waste of your time and money. Liquid lipoceutical glutathione is best. Alpha lipoic acid can be found at any health food store and at most online sites.

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Whatever we choose we never want to replace the body’s own ability to build glutathione, so any supplement of this sort should be used as a temporary measure.

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