Children on the autism spectrum usually have both candida and heavy metal toxicity. Mercury will slow down the removal of yeast. It is wise to continue the use of probiotics after Candida has been eradicated, during heavy metal detoxification, and after its removal. This ensures any remaining candida has been removed and that mercury is not holding any of the yeast in the body resisting its removal. Afterwards continue on a maintenance dose. Probiotics will be continued daily for the rest of your child’s life. Think of them as insurance against gut imbalance and immune deficiency.

Yeast and mercury are friends. It’s likely that one reason why candida can be so challenging to get rid of is because there is still mercury in the system. I have found that if we get rid of the mercury, candida seems to go away more easily, but first we must heal and strengthen the gut. The toxins released from heavy metals and fungus lower the body’s ability to turn the food we eat into energy. With conventional sulfur containing heavy metal chelating methods, such as DMSA, one must exercise caution to be sure the liver is supported first and the gut has more balance prior. Sulfur may likely disturb the already weak GI tract. These drugs also deplete the body further of important minerals.

Mercury is known to inhibit the human body’s ability to kill Candida. It does this by preventing a type of white blood cell called neutrophils from killing the Candida fungus. These cells normally destroy microorganisms and foreign matter in the blood. Two common sources of mercury are from vaccinations and mercury amalgam dental fillings.

When mercury is being excreted from the body yeast will act up. By acting up I mean that it will move around the body, get into the blood stream and organs and create chaos. Hopefully, the yeast is dying off. Look for hyperactivity and behavioral issues to spring up for a few days while heavy metals are excreting. It makes sense that heavy metals may move around while yeast is being killed off.

There is a natural product called PCA by the company Maxam Labs,, that I have found to be extremely effective in safely removing heavy metals from the body. No minerals or otherwise beneficial compounds are removed from the body, only toxins. The toxins bypass the liver and are encapsulated once attatched so that they cannot reabsorb into the colon upon excretion. PCA comes in a sublingual spray that tastes like water so it is easy to give to children. Dosage for my own child began at one spray every three days and three sprays per day for myself. Work up slowly to higher doses to avoid fatigue. Muscle testing is a great way to check for proper dosages. Many natural health care practitioners such as chiropractors can do muscle testing for you until you have learned it yourself.

Stay tuned for more on all of this to come. My book, Naturally Recovering Autism, is scheduled to be released in 2014. Please share this information with your friends!

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