Autism: 3 Reasons Your Child May Be Lacking Nutrition (and what you can do about it)

Of course, too little food or a poor diet filled with processed foods and too many sugars are an obvious (to some) reason why a child may be lacking nutrition, but there could be other reasons.

You may be feeding your child nutritious food, but that does not always mean that he is properly absorbing all of the nutrients from it.

Three common reasons for this are:

1. Weak digestion can inhibit the absorption of nutrients. ‘Leaky gut’ is the term used when there are holes in the intestinal lining. This allows undigested foods to leak into the bloodstream where they cause toxicity to the organs including the brain. Read more here about leaky gut.

2. Candida/yeast and parasites are among the pathogenic (bad) bacteria in the gut that prohibit proper absorption of nutrients. Candida can bore holes in the lining of  the intestines and lead to leaky gut. These microbes also use refined carbohydrates and sugars as food, so having candida in his body will cause your child to crave those foods. Read more about candida.

3. Poor quality supplements, inadequate dosages, or just the wrong supplements may not deliver what is needed. There is often reduced absorption with reduced quality. And, there are so many products on the market, it is often hard to know what to buy. If the gut is not properly absorbing nutrients, then it may be best to use sublingual (under the tongue) forms of supplementation (such as with vitamin B12) so your child’s nutrition does not have to rely on the digestive tract at all. Many companies offer liquid or powder forms of supplements.

Do not skimp when it comes to supplements! What does it matter how much less you paid for a product if it doesn’t do the job? I have listed some specific needs and quality supplements to assist in sublingual, liquid, powder and pill forms HERE.

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Karen Thomas

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