How To Detect Genetically Modified Produce

While over 40 other countries, including all of Europe and China, label their genetically modified foods for consumers the United States does not. More than 80% of the US food supply contains genetically modified organisms (GMO).   Untitled design (29)

Mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods was put on the November 2012 California ballot. Lack of awareness along with advertising from wealthy companies who sell GMO foods helped to prevent this measure passage. Most people do not know what the numbers on the label on a piece of fruit mean.

What do the numbers on your produce mean?
• If this number has four digits, it means it is conventionally produced.
• If it is a five-digit number starting with “8,” it means that the food is genetically modified (GMO).
• If the number on the fruit has five digits, but starts with “9,” it means that the food is organically grown.
If the consumer is unaware of the information within these numbers, they mean nothing to them. People are purchasing and consuming foods they do not know could potentially harm their bodies and their children.

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