In this post, and others linked to, you will learn some great ideas for parents on how to help guide dental appointments for your child with autism. This is all about how to make a dental appointment a positive experience for the parent and child.

Some tips and suggestions for things to do at the office like using a weighted blanket or the use of the dentists heavy lead apron that they use to cover you when you get an x-ray, but you don’t need to have to be getting an x-ray to use it. The weight is very calming for most kids on the autism spectrum. Noise cancelling headphones can also be helpful.

There are several toys, weighted blankets, head phones, and more in my podcast page where I interview sensory processing expert Lindsey Biel, on Sensory Processing Disorders to help you and your dentist to have a greater understanding about what is going on with your child and what they can do. These home-care tips can be used in the dentists office too, as well as helping the dental office to prep for the child’s visit.

Josalyn Sewell, RDH

Josalyn Sewell, RDH is an expert trainer with a background in learning and development with an emphasis in adult learning theory. Passionate about leadership, team engagement and the professional development of others, Josalyn is currently the Director of Hygiene and People Development for CarolinasDentist in North Carolina. As a dental hygienist and an autism mom, Josalyn is in a unique position to bring her two worlds together and loves nothing more than training dental professionals how to treat patients with autism and how to help families affected by autism find ways to help their loved ones achieve optimal oral health.

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