Toxic Drinking Water

Research has detected over 100 chemical compounds from prescription drugs, antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals, and chlorine in drinking water. There are chemicals that are not filtered through our “trusty” municipal water sources, and they end up in the faucets in our homes. Along with these chemicals, there are Untitled design (25)disease-causing bacteria, some of which comes from your own household pipes. These drugs, antibiotics, and other toxic chemicals enter our bodies every time we drink unfiltered water or bathe in it.

We know the dangers of drugs and other chemicals, especially on a compromised immune system, but most do not realize the dangers of chlorine. Chlorine (bleach) is one of the chemicals added by your city’s water company that is used to “clean” our water. Currently, many cities have begun adding ammonia to the water to make the chlorine “stretch” further. This way they do not have to use as much chlorine because it is more expensive. The downside is that ammonia is another poison to the human body.

Chlorine kills good bacteria in the gut. While we are trying our best to build up the good flora in our kids, we do not want to unknowingly killing them on a daily basis. In addition to drinking water, the water that we bathe and shower in can be just as dangerous, if not more. In a hot bath or shower, the vapors can directly enter the respiratory system, carrying harmful bacteria and toxins. The skin is also the body’s largest organ. When the skin heats up, the pores open and allow greater absorption of anything it comes in contact with, including harmful chemicals.

Heavy metals often remain in our water sources or are added to them. Aluminum sulfate is used to treat public water, and is extremely toxic to the brain. Lead is another commonly found heavy metal in drinking water that affects DNA cell function, muscle control, and memory. If you have old lead pipes, you can be sure you are ingesting lead from that water. Many schools and public buildings have old lead pipes. If you have newer PVC pipes, they may still have joints made from lead. Lead easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, especially in children, and is associated with aggressive behavior, anxiety, and poor learning and memory.

In most cities, the American Dental Association has convinced them to put the neurotoxin fluoride into your drinking water. They will tell you how lucky you are to have it and most people believe that, unless they have been educated to the dangers of this heavy metal. Fluoride increases the absorption of lead. The water passes through pipes, pulling lead along with it, and then once in your body it helps the lead absorb into your tissues, including your brain tissue. A child with autism is even more susceptible to the damaging neurological effects of lead.

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