Low dose immunotherapy (LDI) has become increasingly popular in the area of autism because it is known to reduce the inflammatory responses in the body and restore balance to the immune system. It works with the infections in the body. LDI has become recognized for  its ability to provide relief from symptoms and improving the health of people with multiple areas of disease and chronic illness such as Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and more.Originally used to offer relief from allergies, it can also be referred to as low dose allergen therapy or LDA. LDI is often used along with LDA. 

Autoimmune issues can be created by the harmful toxins released by bacteria in the G.I. tract. Children with autism are well known to have an ill gut. There is a direct gut to brain connection, so if the gut has inflammation, so does the brain. The immune system can be triggered by many things such as toxins from bad bacteria, heavy metals, or undigested food particles leaking through the gut lining. These toxins and foods become sources of an allergic response that creates a cascade of inflammation throughout the body, and in the brain.

LDI helps to reduce these immune responses by training the immune system to stop over-reacting, and therefore, helping to desensitize the system to acquired allergies. Please listen to the full interview with Dr. Karima Hirani on low dose immunotherapy and learn how it can help  improve the overall health of you and your child.

I have interviewed Dr. Karima Hirani for my live weekly radio show on the topic of low dose immunotherapy. You can listen to it HERE. It is show #29.

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Dr. Karima Hirani, MD, MPH

Dr. Karima Hirani is an expert in Low Dose Immunotherapy. She graduated from USC Medical school in 1993. She has a Masters in Nutrition from the school of public health at UCLA, and she is board certified in family medicine. Dr. Hirani has been a functional medicine doctor practicing as a DAN and MAPS doctor for over 10 years. DAN stands for Defeat Autism Now. MAPS stands for Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs. She integrates a natural approach to conventional medicine, including natural alternatives to prescription drugs, vitamin and nutrient supplements as well as nutritional advice. Although her main focus is prevention, she specializes in chronic illness.

AboutLearn more about Dr. Hirani at, www.drhirani.com

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