Genetic disorders are known to be affected by environmental factors. These mutations, or variations, can be caused by various environmental factors. Genetic susceptibilities are more common today due to increasing toxic insults in our environment. Less than five percent of humans have genetic defects at birth.

Genetic SNP’s or “snips” make the enzymes necessary for the genes to work properly. These enzymes can be blocked by toxins such as:

  • Heavy metals including mercury and lead
  • Chemicals in and around our homes and pesticides such as glyphosate that are sprayed in our yards as a weed killer and on our food crops. Glyphosate is a chemical found in the weed killer known as Round-up. It is also sprayed on food crops to dry them out when ready to harvest. We then ingest these extremely harmful chemicals.
  • Electromagnetic field radiation (EMF’s)

When our genes cannot function properly their pathways become disrupted and multiple health and behavioral symptoms arise. This usually begins with an inflammatory response in the body which then can be seen as anxiety, sleep disruption, aggressive behaviors and much more. We often don’t realize why our kids are acting out or feel so sick but these genetic blocks are usually at the core of the problem.

Learn how various foods and environmental toxins can affect your child’s health and behaviors in my radio show interview with Dr. Bob Miller, specialist in functional genomics. Learn how genetic function is affected by the environment and what nutritional needs there are for those with specific genetic variants. 

Bob Miller is a Traditional Naturopath specializing in the field of genetic-specific nutrition. He earned his naturopathic degree from Trinity School of Natural Health and is board certified through the ANMA. In 1993, he opened the Tree of Life practice and he has served as a traditional naturopath for 25 years. For the past several years, he has been engaged exclusively with nutritional genetic variants and related research, specializing in nutritional support for those with chronic Lyme disease.

Parents interested in having their children assist in a study on functional genomics and autism can call (717)733-2003, or write to

Practitioners can learn about Dr. Miller’s research and available software at


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