The increase in electromagnetic field pollution (EMF) has led to an increase in health related issues worldwide. This is especially true for a fetus and for children. They have twice the amount of damage to their DNA as adults do. The eggs a girl carries even as a child are ten times more effected. In the first 300 days after conception they are unable to repair this damage to the DNA and have ten times more damage then also. There are greater overall problems in health later on. Barrie Trower is a retired physicist who was in the British Navy and used electromagnetic field radiation as weaponry. He offers over 4,000 studies.

Children with autism may be on a program to increase their overall health and in therapies as part of a recovery process, but EMF’s can sabotage your efforts unless you protect your child from them. Learn more about how you can protect your family safely and easily in my radio show interview with expert, Cory Hillis. Release date, January 23rd, 2020.

Cory’s products are by far the best I have found in my searches to help minimize the harmful effects of EMF’s. Autistic children would benefit from wearing a wrist band to protect them for damage all the time. There are multiple options for home protection too. Twenty-four hours on a cell phone is equal to 1600 chest X-rays worth of damage! Learn about Cory Hillis’ EMF solutions and products you can use for protection.

Cory Hillis’ Bio

Cory Hillis, QRA, MBA

Certified EMF Specialist & Trainer

President of EMF Solutions Inc.

Cory is the principal inventor and lead designer of EMF Solutions Inc.  Cory teaches practitioners and other key associates to become Certified EMF Specialists™.  As a holistic practitioner he began formulating EMF remediation products for his own clients. 

Cory has an intense passion to help others that stems from his first-hand knowledge of the impact that EMF remediation played in his personal journey back to health from a devastating physical condition.

His drive to advance his knowledge of EMF’s and to potentially benefit others has resulted in referrals and testimonials from hundreds of individuals.  The exponential growth of his thriving business has enabled a broader outreach to the community.    

In addition to being a Certified EMF Specialist & Trainer, Cory has a number of holistic practitioner-related training and certifications including Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), Clinical Nutrition & Weight Management Consultant, and being an Advanced Trainer for QRA to doctors, chiropractors, & others for years.

Find Cory Hillis” EMF solution products at,

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I have also written more about electromagnetic field radiation and autism in my book, Naturally Recovering Autism: The Complete Step By Step Resource Handbook for Parents. It is in the chapter on environmental toxins.

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