I often hear, “I’ve had my boy on a diet of no gluten for a long time but he’s still not better. Why?”

The reason is that his gut has not healed and he is not absorbing all nutrients so he’s deficient. There’s much more work to do than diet alone. Supplements and detoxification are necessary, but here’s where to begin.

The co-infections prevent gut healing too so they must be addressed. (Mold, lyme, PANDAS/strep. There’s not enough hydrochloric acid in the stomach to assist digestion but also to kill any strep in the gut. 

What foods to remove first:

Remove all processed carbohydrates and sugars such as dairy, wheat, corn, soy, sugar, (including fruit), MSG, food coloring, and eat only organic.

Be patient. This takes time to slowly remove the bad foods and begin integrating more of the good ones.

(NOTE: lyme and mold affect the gut too, so once they’re worked with it will help, but first we stabilize, so here are a few helpful tips along the way).

Refusing to eat:

Refusing to eat is a common issue because they are addicted to the sugars in the bad foods and the opiates created by gluten and casein. It is a very slow process to wean them off of them.

Do I have to remove gluten and dairy? My child won’t eat anything else.

Yes, removing gluten and dairy are vitally important. You will not get the results you hope for if you keep them in the diet. Your child is likely addicted to dairy and wheat. They create opiates in the body and removing them creates big behaviors because it’s like a drug addict who has had their drugs taken away. For this reason you must move forward very slowly. Remove one food at a time, not all at once. 

First, calm the sensory overload in the mouth:

Sensory issues affect the mouth and how food feels. This makes them uncomfortable. 

Do lymphatic drainage. Massage their neck downward. This helps open up lymphatic drainage but also reduces the sensory overload for the jaw and mouth. It helps all of us feel more alert too as it assists the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Very helpful for autism!

Reduce  Sensory Overload with “Stress Reducer” a natural elixir made for this. 

Tips to help them eat and feel better:

With picky eaters offer the reward system: a bite of something you want your child to eat for a bite of something they want to eat.

Emotion Code work is very helpful for this too. clearing the anxiousness and even fear around food can help immensely. Good for mom and dad too. DiscoverHealing.com.

Some suggestions if you’re needing help with instant nutrition due to low food intake:

Protein sources


Collagen powder contains protein, vital amino acids that assist the healing of the gut lining and reverse the effects of leaky gut. (Not vegetarian.) Use the link provided here and code “Karen” for 20% off!

Also listen to, “The Benefits of Collagen Protein To Help Transition Your Picky Eater” [Podcast Episode 117]

Organic Hemp Powder

Organic hemp powder is easily tolerated in digestion and offers another way to get protein into your child. You can add it to smoothies or mix into any food or beverage. (Vegetarian option.)

Vitamins and Minerals

Organic Supergreenfood Powder

The Organic Super Greens are in a powder form and can be a good way to get additional greens (a vitamin and mineral food source) into your child, and they help alkalize. Muscle test first for body acceptance.

Quinton Trace minerals to assist Ph balance and help naturally detoxify.

Binders are crucial to assist detoxification even with diet changes alone. Chlorella or activated charcoal can be helpful.

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