Children with autism have poor detoxification and need assistance when going through the process. A child with autism is even more sensitive than the average individual. It should be a slow, and gentle process, or when the pathogens die off the behaviors can get extreme and it’s hard on your child’s body too.

There are a lot of supplements out there, so how do you know what to use unless you have a thorough guide through the process. First, let’s  talk about how getting rid of pathogens and toxins, slowly, is fundamental, so you understand this process a little better. Then we’ll talk about what supplements help and explain more about them.

I have successfully used these natural elixirs for about a decade now with autism recovery, including my own son’s journey. I have a lot of parents who have told me how valuable they have been for their own child after I shared them. In this podcast with Robert Harrison, we will dive deep into the aspects of pathogens and detoxification for those with autism.

Supporting detoxification and helping calm

Some of the elixirs discussed with Robert Harrison in this podcast episode.

Liver support: Support the liver with a natural detoxification source.  A product I have found very helpful with liver support is Liver Detoxification Pathways Elixir. Liver Detox Elixir from the company Get Healthy Again supports both phase I and phase II liver detoxification. This is very important to be sure all toxins are getting expelled from the body and not just brought to a congested liver to process, but can’t excrete.

Toxin Elimination Elixir to assist lymphatic drainage.

Stress Reducer Elixir

Restful Sleep elixir

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Along with the right supplements it is also crucial to be on the right diet foods that are organic, and on toxin binders to be sure the toxins are removed from the body. This is a process that I can help you with. Watch my free webinar to learn the 4 stages necessary for optimum autism recovery. Register here.

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Robert Harrison has been helping parents of kids with autism for a good 17 years. He first started with suggestions for detoxification, pathogen removal and nutritional supplementation. About a decade ago, he added frequency enhanced elixirs with instructions to heal the needs of those with autism, or to work on it in specific ways. As these proved most useful, he has added many other elixirs dealing with specific issues that kids on the spectrum need help with.
Go to Robert’s website to learn more about each elixir and to purchase them.
Please listen to this podcast to hear my interview with Robert Harrison and to learn more of the specifics around how these elixirs work for the special needs of those with autism. These elixirs help to safely detoxify.

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