The liver is our organ of detoxification. Children with autism have congested livers and are often even born with them that way. Their detoxification pathways also do not work well and the body becomes burdened by excess toxins the liver cannot process out fast enough on its own. When this happens, such as during the candida diet, and further detoxification, the liver will need additional support to excrete the release of toxins.

It is more than likely that your child’s liver is congested. It is the first organ to support in the recovery process. The liver has many diverse functions. It is our main organ of detoxification, it builds and supplies nutrients, enzymes, and hormones to cells, and directly affects growth and functioning of all cells in the body. If the liver cannot supply these nutrients to the cells, the cells cannot perform the activities necessary to keep your body healthy. If the liver is congested, it cannot effectively remove toxins from the body. The liver, among its many duties, also produces hormones, amino acids, and protein. The body can become deprived of these important compounds if the is liver congested. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They also build neurotransmitters needed by the brain for its proper functioning.

What Exacerbates Liver Congestion

Imbalanced gut flora, environmental toxins, and poor diet all contribute to liver congestion from the formation of gallstones. High acid foods and beverages begin to thicken the blood. This includes excessive intake of protein rich foods including animal fats. Gallstones block the blood flow through the liver, the bile duct, and the gallbladder. Without proper functioning of the liver’s processes disease will form.

The liver can be congested as early as birth. The liver filters toxic chemicals from food, water, air pollutants, pesticides, medications, plastics, soaps, lotions, vaccinations, and more. This sets up liver congestion early on. A fetus is susceptible to the toxins in the mother’s body and those she is exposed to during pregnancy. Further research has also shown sperm to carry toxins including aluminum toxicity. The older the father is, the more likely to have additional toxic burden on the fetus.

Children on the autism spectrum almost always, if not always, have an imbalance in gut flora, or gut bacteria. One of the biggest problems is candida or yeast. The toxins released by the yeast organisms are very harmful to the liver. We discuss candida and testing for it in podcast #55. If the body backs up with toxins we will experience the symptoms of die off. These include headaches, fatigue, increased behavioral outbursts, anger, flu-like symptoms, skin rashes and more.

Nutrient Deficiency and Symptoms

A poor working liver and gallbladder will lead to nutrient deficiencies. When the supply of bile, pancreatic lipase (fat enzymes), and pancreatic fat are too low, due to a congested liver and gallbladder, the body cannot absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, or the all-important essential fatty acids. These vitamins cannot be properly digested or absorbed from food or supplements. The digestive tract does not have the enzymes it needs and the nutrients necessary for proper digestion are not absorbed from food. The fat soluble vitamins and good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil are crucial for a number of organ functions including brain protection, healthy vision, viral and bacterial combat, and protection of the intestinal lining. we discuss fat digestion and solutions in podcast episode #106.

The nutrition in the blood feeds the brain. When the brain does not receive what it needs, it is starved of its essential nutrients. The brain, therefore, cannot manufacture the chemicals necessary to carry out its vital functions. This can result in fatigue, depression, inability to concentrate, insomnia, irritability, illness, and more.

If we begin to detoxify the system without first supporting the liver, the toxins will back up into the bloodstream. These toxins affect multiple systems of the body, including the brain, and we can become quite ill. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi use the undigested food and waste as food. The liver must be able to remove toxins, damaged cells, and other waste material from the body.

First Steps of Support

Toxin binders are essential to help support the liver by sopping up excess toxins that the liver cannot process out fast enough on its own. Children with autism are extra sensitive. Dosing too high with anything can cause extreme die off symptoms. Always move forward as slowly as possible. Commonly dosage begins at as little as one drop per day for children with autism and slowly increases over time. They may be only able to take one drop of any new supplement, every other day in the beginning.

Diet is essential in autism recovery. Any therapy cannot be as helpful if the body lacks nutrition and the brain is inflamed and toxic. Get my free guide to the top foods to begin eliminating from your child’s diet now. This is a slow process as they will he addicted to the very foods that are bad for them and feed the candida. The detoxifying diet alone can cause die off of bad bacteria so we must support the detoxification pathways during the diet changes too.

Be sure to get your free food guide here, so you know which top 7 foods to avoid to help improve immune strength, reduce inflammation, and toxic overload.

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