The reticular activating system (RAS) is a group of neurons located just above where the spinal cord is attached to the brain, also called the brain stem. It acts as the gatekeeper of information between most sensory systems and the conscious mind. It maintains behavioral arousal, consciousness, and motivation.

The RAS is like a magnet to your life through your thoughts. It receives input from the spinal cord, sensory pathways, thalamus, and cortex and sends messages out to the nervous system via the hypothalamus which in turn mediates our behavior. These behaviors are largely subconscious based on our personal belief system.

Limiting beliefs

We all carry limiting beliefs about ourselves and parts of our life. Once your limiting beliefs become your expectation your RAS will spend the rest of your life working to meet that expectation. You will only find more of what you expect to find, and your results will never exceed your expectations. That’s why it is crucial to inundate your belief system with a new and positive belief system that will grow to be the dominant beliefs as the old ones grow weak and less dominant.

Siblings and parents often have the same old beliefs. Think about their actions for a moment or watch their reactions and you’ll begin to notice. Take time to consider what you have learned about money, relationships, and what you have believed was possible for you in the past or what you have known as feeling “familiar”. This may also be a reflection of what you may not believe is possible for you. Know you can change anything you want to. It doesn’t have to limit your life today.

Think about what was said to you or in front of you when you were a child. Our parents’ beliefs and reactions are often adopted by us and are how we have created our own lives. Pay attention to what you say and do around your own children because they are listening and absorbing those actions as part of their own developing belief system.

Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe, The Mind Can Achieve

The conscious mind can only have one focus at a time. The subconscious mind can multi-focus. You can program your subconscious for anything. It’s not just will power but focus with emotion and feeling to seed it into RAS and memory. The reticular activating system is a net that filters out the relevant and non relevant of what aspects hold MEANING for you at any given moment. Your conscious mind cannot process everything at once so the RAS filters for you. It’s the relevance to the impact that is most important. 

This is the example of suddenly noticing the kind of car you want to own everywhere you go. The RAS creates the impact for you like a price or value. Which do you notice? Either way your RAS drives and reinforces. 

It can be a double edged sword. The life we have is what we reinforce about our business, money, and relationships. What we expect to happen will happen. The RAS proves us right when we have no filter that we have directed it with. It believes what we believe to prove us right or wrong. If you feel you can prosper in a bad economy then you will. If not, you won’t. The RAS can take over your life, good or bad. The RAS notices what you believe.

The Good News

The good news is the person who reinforces the positives, despite the differences, will benefit from them.  Results within your life, including those with your child will be reinforced by your beliefs, which can also limit what you create from what you BELIEVE you can do. The RAS wants to prove it to be accurate so it puts more of it into your box. 

Take Action

What one or two things can you do every day to create your new desired life? 

Your RAS must be on board. Memories are created by emotions that bind them to the connection to something, so FEEL it and embed it in your subconscious mind. Add colors to your images whenever possible since the RAS absorbs colored images more profoundly. Your RAS will now begin to see them as your truth and do everything it can to help create your desires.

  1. Write it
  2. Read it
  3. Feel it as if it’s already happened (with color).
  4. Take action. Use the power of consistency to lead the subconscious mind on. 

How do you know? Look at the reflexion of the results in your life now. Be patient, and keep looking for the positive signs of change.  Actions create results. Acknowledge that no positive action is ever too small. It all makes a difference, and you are in control of your own mind to make the differences you desire.

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