Knowing other parents of children with autism who “get it”, and having a streamlined program to help unlock her son’s true potential, is the inspiring story Shannon has to share with you in this week’s podcast.

There can be a lot of overwhelm as a parent on the autism journey. As desperate parents searching for answers to help our children we can get caught up in the time-consuming, and expensive, “kitchen sink syndrome”. Hunting for solutions with no order or roadmap to follow leaves us in total confusion. We look for anything possible to improve our results and find the solutions to optimize the quality of life for our kids, at any age. We know they can aspire to so much more if we can only find the right answers, but how do you do that?

Having a mentor on the autism journey who has lived it, done the research, had the personal experience and found the success you’re looking for to help your own child unlock their true potential is like having “the keys,” says Shannon. 

Shannon is the mom of Paul Robert, her 5 year old son with autism who had been non verbal until she began implementing the steps shared in the Naturally Recovering Autism membership. He said “mom” for the first time at age 5. Today, there are so many more strides he’s taken such as speaking full sentences, connecting with others and playing, having all of his disturbing sensory issues and picky eating be completely gone. He now also has independence. These are things Paul Robert could not do before. His future is bright.

It’s not that our kids don’t want to do many of these things, often they simply cannot. Toxins and coinfections interrupt the brain’s ability to function properly, but knowing autism is not a mental illness, but a biological one, brought Shannon hope. 

The autism journey takes patience and persistence. To begin, you must let go of fear, take the leap, and be willing to keep moving forward. Having the right roadmap to follow, with support, makes all the difference. Please listen to Shannon’s inspiring story now.

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