Healthy Snacks at Naturally Recovering AutismSummer is here! As we begin taking trips, the reality of traveling with children with special needs can bring up some of their challenges. Food to eat on the go is another issue to navigate.

Here are some helpful tips for you to help make your travels more relaxing.

Eating out while traveling

Avoid MSG, aspartame, food dyes, bad fats, sugar, dairy, and gluten. Avoid fast food restaurants due to trans fats, preservatives, and artificial ingredients that disrupt the brain. Google “farm to table”, or “organic restaurants” to find healthier choices. If you find a healthier restaurant try chicken with no antibiotics or hormones and salads.

Healthy on-the-go snacks (and helpful nutrition sources for picky eaters):

Protein bars

Protein bars can be good food if they do not contain wheat, dairy, soy, sugar, or artificial ingredients, but many do so you must read your labels. A keto protein bar that contains no artificial ingredients, gluten, dairy, or soy, and are non-GMO, but  also offer a good source of protein and good fats from coconut oil are simply called “Keto Bars”.

The Keto bar is low in net carbohydrates and low on the glycemic index, which means it’s not hard on your blood sugar levels. Not all Keto bars are free of the bad ingredients. Again, you must read your labels.To purchase Keto Bars, use this link, which gives you a coupon code of $10 off.

Collagen Protein Powder

Collagen powder contains protein, vital amino acids that assist the healing of the gut lining and reverse the effects of leaky gut. Collagen helps repair the intestinal lining. Children with autism have poor digestion which leads to nutrient malabsorption. Poor nutrient absorption creates collagen deficiency which further weakens the gut lining. The good news is that collagen can be taken as a supplemental food.

All natural collagen powder from Perfect Keto contains no artificial ingredients, the benefits of coconut oil from MCT’s. MCTs support mental clarity and sharpness. Perfect keto also contains grass fed collagen powder for quality protein and the benefits of collagen. The powder can be blended into any liquid, including simply water and it comes in many flavors. The strawberry is my favorite. Use the code “Karen”for 20% off all Perfect Keto individual products (one-time use).

A few simple foods ‘to go’

  • Celery or apple slices with almond butter
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • All nuts (except peanuts and cashews).
  • Lettuce wraps: fresh turkey meat with chevre wrapped in romaine hearts that act like ‘bread’.
  • Pureed on-the-go nutritious foods from Serenity at, Puréed foods are good when you need something easy on the gut with good nutrition that’s more easily absorbable. Serenity carries grain free vege puffs, organic pureed vegetable pouches, and pureed meat pouches. 


Probiotics help the body adjust to a change in diet. They also help mitigate the effects of stress. Best of all, probiotics strengthen the gut bacteria and your immune system. A healthy gut helps to calm the brain too. Bring your probiotics on any trip you take this summer! Be sure to begin slowly with just one per day as there may be signs of die off as the gut reorganizes and the good bacteria kills off the bad (hence, the term “die off”).

Stay Well-Hydrated

For energy, and overall health, drink plenty of pure water, and never drink soda. Drink more waterSoda will dehydrate the system even more. You can carry a quality water filter with you when you travel by car or RV or put it into your suitcase if you’re flying. For home use there are larger options available such as the Aquatru filter. Quinton minerals help detoxification pathways and assist in hydration too.

Coconut water is also very hydrating.

Never use plastic bottles with Bisphenol A (BPA), especially in the heat which rapidly draws the toxins out into the liquid inside of the bottle. BPA is a dangerous chemical found in plastics, such as drinking bottles, baby bottles, toys, dental sealants, and the linings of food cans. Receipts are often coated in plastic which is absorbed into the skin as a toxin. BPA is one of the most dangerous chemicals. Most diseases are linked to BPA’s. They disrupt the health of the GI tract, and can cause asthma and autoimmune disorders. Stainless steel or glass are the best choices.


Enzymes assist with digestion and are especially helpful with new foods being introduced into the diet. Trienza from Houston Enzymes helps digest gluten, carbohydrates, fats, and more. Make sure you have them with you.

Be sure to get your free food guide here, so you know which top 7 foods to avoid to help improve immune strength, reduce inflammation, and toxic overload.

Also mentioned in this podcast is the free download you can get on at-home fun sensory games to help calm. You can take some of them along for the ride with you. Check it out now here.

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