In the world of autism recovery, “PBX Detox for Kids” is becoming popular. PBX is its nickname for Pure Body Extra zeolite. It’s a natural way to help remove toxins, including heavy metal toxins, from the body.

This is a special type of natural zeolite, not synthetic, that is called Clinoptilolite. This could be really helpful for kids with autism by gently, and safely removing heavy metal toxins intracellular (inside the cells) where many of these toxins reside.

Our blog, “Exploring the Safety of PBX Detox for Kids Recovering from Autism,” will look into how safe and helpful PBX detox is for kids with autism. We’ll talk about why it’s important and how it works in simple terms, referencing insights from Naturally Recovering Autism.

Understanding PBX Detox and Its Role in Autism Recovery

PBX detox uses a natural zeolite, Clinoptilolite, to help remove heavy metals and toxins. Its role in autism recovery is significant because it might ease symptoms by reducing the body’s load of toxins. This is especially relevant for children with autism, who may be more affected by these toxins.

The detoxification process involves the zeolite’s unique ability to bind to and remove toxins without allowing for reabsorption of these toxins as they are being excreted, or remove any of the good minerals from the body, as the pharmaceutical drugs used for heavy metal detoxification do.

When it comes to kids with autism, ensuring the safety of PBX detox is crucial. Clinoptilolite has been tested for human use in multiple studies, but each child may respond differently. 

Therefore, PBX detox should be part of a larger autism recovery strategy that could include dietary support and further support for detoxification and underlying infections.

The Importance of Detoxification in Managing Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) can sometimes offer a variety of challenges with things like social and communication difficulties, as well as repetitive behaviors just to name a few. 

The idea behind using PBX detox is that when you remove the environmental toxins from the body, it might help reduce some of these common autism symptoms. 

When we can lessen the toxic burden in the body, children might experience improvements in their cognitive functions and behaviors, and potentially lead to a happier, healthier, and more comfortable life.

Integrating PBX detox into your child’s care plan is not a standalone solution but part of a holistic approach to autism recovery tailored to each child’s unique needs.

Read more about the study on PubMed.

Safety Concerns with PBX Detox for Kids

Safety is paramount when considering PBX detox for children in autism recovery. PBX detox, which includes the zeolite Clinoptilolite, has been tested extensively for safety. 

However, it’s essential to approach this method with care, particularly for children, as individual reactions can vary. 

Monitoring for any adverse symptoms and adjusting the dosage accordingly is key, with dosage typically based on the child’s age and health condition.

With the parents that I work with inside my Naturally Recovering Autism membership, we follow a very careful sequential process of stabilizing the foundation for detoxification before moving forward. It’s important to not start anything without the right guidance. Safety is as important as effectiveness. 

I personally know these challenges, as I have lived through them myself. For this reason I’ve created a free workshop to help offer you the roadmap you need and support you on this journey. In this free workshop I go over my 4 Stage Process to Autism Recovery, and I cover this topic very thoroughly. Watch it here.

Effectiveness of PBX Detox in Autism Treatment

The effectiveness of PBX detox in improving autism symptoms has backing from both scientific studies and clinical experiences. The principle behind PBX detox in autism involves removing heavy metals and toxins that often worsen symptoms. Read studies and listen to my interview with an expert on PBX, The Connection Between Toxic Heavy Metals and Severe Autistic Behaviors.

Many parents and caregivers report observing positive changes in behavior and overall well-being in their children following PBX detox. However, autism is complex, and detoxification is just one part of a comprehensive treatment plan, so this is just a part of the overall strategy.

Parents’ and Experts’ Perspectives on PBX Detox For Kids

Parents who have tried PBX detox for their children with autism often share positive experiences. For instance, testimonials from some parents reflect a sense of relief and observable improvements in their children’s behaviors and overall health after using PBX detox. 

These parents report seeing changes in behavior, gut health, and a reduction in irritability and aggression, suggesting a positive impact of PBX detox on their children’s well-being.

Medical professionals and autism experts also weigh in on the use of PBX detox. Dr. Stewart Lonky, for example, who has expertise in pulmonary disease and toxic exposures, acknowledges the potential impact of environmental toxins on health and the importance of detoxification. Please listen to my interview with Dr. Lonky, Environmental Toxins and How You Can Safely Detoxify Them.

His insights, along with the positive feedback from parents, suggest that PBX detox could be a beneficial component to helping with autism symptoms, particularly in addressing the detoxification needs of children with autism​​​​.

Understanding Any Potential Downsides of PBX Detox for Kids in Autism Recovery

While PBX Detox can offer so many benefits, it’s also important to acknowledge any possible limitations. Focusing only on detoxing the body and heavy metals, although very important, is just one part of other critical aspects of autism recovery.

Other crucial components include clearing the coinfections of autism such as mold, Lyme, parasites and viruses, along with healing the gut and strengthening detoxification pathways in the body.

This is, and should be, an A-Z process done in the right order so nothing important gets left out and you fall short of the positive results you could have gotten. 

Professional guidance is necessary, and parents should be aware of possible side effects. When you are a part of the Naturally Recovering Autism Membership, I take great care to make sure that you as a member feel supported, know what to do, and are guided on every product and supplement that you introduce.

In sharing these points, we want to give you a full view of what PBX detox means for helping reduce your child’s symptoms of autism. 

Although it is safe, it’s really important for parents and caregivers to think about the potential side effects of PBX detox, as symptoms during detoxification can increase, so proper guidance is important.

Best Practices and Recommendations on PBX Detox For Kids

When using PBX detox for your child, here are some tips to make it safe and effective:

  • Start Slow: Begin with a small dose of PBX detox (as little as one spray a day to begin) and watch how your child reacts. Adjust the dose based on their age and health.
  • Keep an Eye on Symptoms: Watch for any changes or unwanted effects. If symptoms arise, lower the dose or stop for a few days until symptoms subside before resuming.
  • Get Professional Advice: Always have an autism expert involved in your child’s detox to help the process be done right for your child.
  • Personalize the Treatment: Remember, every child is different. The treatment should be based on your child’s specific health and needs.
  • Combine Treatments: Mix PBX detox with other parts of autism care, like a good diet, detoxification support, and natural coinfection clearing. This all-around approach can help bring you the optimum results in autism recovery.
  • Learn More: Educate yourself about PBX detox for kids. Use trustworthy resources and join programs or memberships to understand how it fits into autism treatment.

By keeping these points in mind, you can make sure PBX detox is safe and effective for your child.

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For those interested in a deeper understanding of PBX detox for kids in the context of autism treatment, additional information can be found in related articles such as “Toxic Heavy Metals Linked to Severe Autistic Behaviors and PBX Detox For Kids” and “Natural Intracellular Heavy Metal Detoxification with PBX Zeolite” on the Naturally Recovering Autism website​.

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