Preventative Health Screening with Thermography

Did you know that there is a safer, and more reliable way to screen for breast health than mammograms? Current statistics tell us that  1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of a lifetime, so empower yourself with the...

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The Health Dangers of Non-Stick Cookware

February, 2018, HARVARD STUDY ON THE HEALTH DANGERS OF NON-STICK COOKWARE “non-stick” pots and pans. In February, Harvard researchers published a massive study involving over 600 people, ranging from age 30 to 70. And even though they ALL ate a healthy diet......

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Natural Intracellular Heavy Metal Detoxification

Heavy metals are dangerous toxins such as mercury, lead, aluminum and cadmium. They destroy the neurological system, cause autoimmune illnesses, and are carcinogenic. Many health and behavioral issues such as anger, anxiety, lack of ability to focus, digestive...

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Emotional Clearing Technique [Podcast]

Emotional clearing technique is a natural way to remove emotional patterns that have been embedded into the neurological system. Any incident that has been strong enough to cause the psyche to hold onto it will be locked into the subconscious patterning and control...

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The Benefits of Far-Infrared Saunas [Podcast]

Far-infrared has been used for centuries as a natural, safe method to assist health in multiple ways. Please watch this interview with expert Phil Wilson, to discover the many stress-relieving, and additional health benefits of far-infrared heat, including in-home,...

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