Autism Speech Therapy

Autism Speech Therapy Many children with autism have difficulty with speech. Speech is more difficult than we realize. It involves motor planning from breathing in air, getting your vocal chords to do what you want, and your jaw and tongue to move just right. Then...

Study Shows Probiotics May Alleviate Symptoms of Autism and ADHD

Study Shows Probiotics May Alleviate Symptoms of Autism and ADHD The importance of healthy gut bacteria for healthy immunity and healthy brain function is crucial. Pregnant women must not only eat nutritious food, but those that are especially low in sugars and...

Sensory Processing Disorder

What is a Sensory Processing Disorder? One of the greatest concerns is that parent’s do not understand that it is not that their child will not act appropriately or do what they are asked, but that the child cannot. Commonly seen as defiant, a child with sensory...

Quickly Reduce Your Child's Symptoms of Autism by Eliminating 7 Specific Foods that Most People Consume Daily

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