Have you ever wondered may be contributing to the underlying causes of your child’s sleep disorders or behavioral outbursts? Irritability is one of the first behaviors to show up along with lack of ability to focus. For these reasons children are often mis-labeled with ADHD, or ADD, but this is often due to sleep deprivation.

As a registered dental hygienist for 38 years it was only in the last 5 years that Barbara Tritz, RDH, has become educated and specialized in Myofunctional Disorders and the health and behavioral issues associated with them. Barbara, like all moms, had to find an answer to her own daughter’s digestive issues that arose only after she had her orthodontic braces removed.

What are Myofunctional Disorders?

Myofunctional Disorders are Orofascial, meaning “of the face”. They often relate to disorders in the mouth that create problems with eating, drinking, speaking, and breathing. Dysarthria, tongue thrust, tongue tie, sinus issues, narrow palate, and breathing difficulty can also cause infants, children, and adults to become mouth breathers. When we breathe through our mouths, it effects the palate, jaw, tongue, tonsils, and adenoids. This also effects our ability to sleep deeply. Lack of sleep, or sleep apnea, can create many health and behavioral issues associated with it, including lack of memory, cognitive decline, and irritability and anger.

Myofunctional Therapy

Learn what you can do to help improve your child’s overall health, and well-being in this informative interview. Learn what most parents have never heard before and the solutions to overcome these issues. Myofunctional Therapy teaches specific exercises to help parents help their children, When functioning and used properly, the muscles of the tongue, throat, and face, can reduce obstruction to the airway. 

Bio-Barbara Tritz, RDH


Autism Resources/Show Notes:

Join our Free Autism Recovery WorkshopThe 4 Stages to Naturally Recover from the Symptoms of Autism. Stage 1: Healing the gut, Stage 2: Natural heavy metal detoxification, Stage 3: Clearing the Co-infections, Stage 4: Brain support and repair.  Reserve your online seat here.

Karen’s step-by-step online program, The Autism Moms Mentor Program, working to improve the biological health aspects for better focus and concentration, improved sleep, calmer moods, and a lot more. Already in over 35 countries, this program offers you the natural resources I used to recover my own son. It is unique in that it walks you through not only gut healing and detoxification, but also the comorbid infections often left out of a recovery program. It also includes additional components such as muscle testing and emotional clearing to empower the parent to get the best possible outcome with support from a mom who has done it!

Karen’s podcast on Craniosacral Therapy

A 5 minute, 45 second video called, Finding Conner Deegan, that explains airway issues quite well at, https://youtu.be/Sk5qsmRyVcE.

Barbara Tritz website- QueenofDentalHygiene.net

Here’s a list of airway dentists on the AAPMD website: https://www.aapmd.org/find-aapmd-professional#!directory/map

Karen interviews Barbara Tritz on the Naturally Recovering Autism live radio show #21.

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 Dr. Larry Kotlow –  Dr. Larry Kotlow https://www.kiddsteeth.com/articles.php
Also, listen to an interview with Karen and Barbara Tritz, from Karen’s live radio show # 21.

Further resources for dental health can be found on live radio show #16. Resource page for this interview with Josalyn Sewell, How To Create A Positive Dental Experience For Your Child with Autism

Karen’s video podcast interview with Biosystemic Dentist, Alireza Panahpour, and interview at radio show #4.
Karen’s video podcast interview on, Natural Allergy Elimination expert, with expert, Paula Vetter.
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