Children with autism exhibit many issues with hearing and balance including sensitivities to loud noises, dizziness, unsteady gait, speech and language development and more. Please join me for this interview with auditory specialist, Margaret “Peggy” Glenney.

Some of the topics we will discuss:

What are the risk factors for auditory/vestibular developmental delays?
What are some red flags of auditory developmental delays?
It’s important to find these kids early. With traditional peripheral hearing loss, the importance of early intervention and identification is well known, courtesy of Marion Downs, who is sometimes referred to as the founding mother of pediatric audiology. Margaret “Peggy” Glenney, advocates for central auditory delays and disorders. Parents will benefit greatly from early identification.

Please listen to my radio show interview with Margaret “Peggy” Glenney. It’s episode  #84.

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Risk factors in auditory processing and what to look for:

  • ear infections
  • past antibiotic use
  • heavy metal toxicity
  • electromagnetic field radiation
  • food additives including GMO’s, MSG, glyphosate
  • C section births
  • little or no breastfeeding and too much bottle feeding
  • too much screen time
  • vaccinations
  • no “babbling” as a baby (babies should make sounds)
  • little or no speech by the age of 2
  • no startle reflex

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What tests parents should ask for

Many pieces are missing in traditional “peripheral’ auditory testing. Your child may have a normal audiogram but is not hearing properly in the brain. When you seek a professional it is best to ask them to check your child’s inner ear reflex muscle with the middle ear analyzer, or companogram reflex test. Also ask for Jack Katz’, staggered spondaic word test to be part of your child’s treatment. Read more and find professional practitioners on Jack Katz’ services through the International Guild of Audiology specialists,


International Guild of audiology specialists,

MNRI Intervention

Rhythmic movement online program for sensory processing,

Craniosacral Therapy

Neuroquant brain scans

Margaret “Peggy” Glenney MA, CCC-A, F-AAimage2

Margaret “Peggy” Glenney is a developmental audiologist. Since 1984, Margaret Glenney, has worked as an audiologist working in hospitals and universities throughout the U.S, as both an instructor and trainer for the Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist (COHC), program. She has provided clinical supervision for graduate students in both Speech Pathology and Audiology and taught graduate level courses in Industrial Audiology. Margaret has her teacher’s certification in English 6-12th grade, ELL K-12, and Speech Communication.

From September 2017, through the present Margaret Glenney has owned a private practice in Roanoke, VA, specializing in helping children exhibiting neuro-developmental delays which often include hyperacusis and misophonia and other sensory and central auditory processing issues. Her website is,

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