The Benefits of Homeopathy for Autism

Although used commonly in Europe and India, homeopathy is not quite as accepted in America mostly because it is not well understood. Although many studies have been done, those in who do not understand how it works disclaim it. This is just like anything else, so you...

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The Role of Iron, Zinc and Copper in Autism

Children with autism often have low levels of iron due to leaky gut or poor absorption of nutrition which leads to anemia, but is supplementing with iron really the best choice? Zinc is commonly deficient too and it is necessary for multiple functions in the body,...

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The Benefits of Ozone Therapy For Autism

Ozone therapy can be very beneficial for children with autism. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Ozone stimulates your own body to activate its antioxidant power to fight infection. It decreases free radicals so that they are no...

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The Benefits of Chiropractic For Autism

A Doctor of  Chiropractic works to benefit the person as a whole. Issues can easily arise in neurodevelopment, physiology, and emotionally when there are skeletal misalignments, especially within the spinal cord and cranial bones. When there is nerve disruption it can...

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The Benefits of Martial Arts for Autism

Studies show that martial arts can be an effective way to build motor control through the repetition of movement in people on the autism spectrum. This helps both the motor and planning areas of the brain. It is also offers a great form of exercise in a group setting...

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Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Autism

Mitochondria give cells over 90% of their energy. Without proper energy cells cannot carry out their functions. Mitochondrial Dysfunction vs Mitochondrial Disease Mitochondrial dysfunction simply means that the mitochondria are not working correctly. Mitochondrial...

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Histamine Sensitivities and Autism

Histamine sensitivities are extremely common in children with autism. Histamines are released by the digestive tract and the brain. When the DAO enzymes are mutated then it is difficult to remove histamine.  Histamine reactions come from the body having an...

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