Early Childhood Dental Caries and Chronic Infection

Early childhood dental caries (ECC) are the most chronic infection now among children between ages two and five. The culprit is sugar. ECC's are about much more than just baby teeth. "Caries" is another term for cavities, and they can be prevented if you know what to...

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Once A Month Meals

Tired of being on the meal planning treadmill? Learn how you can have healthy meals planned, and prepared ahead so you have more free time to spend with your family having fun, or just relaxing.  You can build your own meal plan or have them designed for you with the...

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Stem Cell Therapy For Autism

How does stem cell therapy work? Stem cell therapy has been utilized by parents of children with autism for its ability to modulate the immune response by slowing or stopping pathological immune responses, and having the ability to be antigen specific. It also assists...

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How To Find Resilience In the Face of Challenges

Parenting a child with autism has many challenges. Lack of sleep, pressure from school and their staff, tantrums, anger outbursts, and a myriad of health issues create a life of pressure and uncertainty for them. Parents find themselves in need of support and tools to...

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Five Tips To Get Nutrition Into Your Picky Eater

I often hear, "I’ve had my boy on a diet of no gluten for a long time but he’s still not better. Why?" The reason is that his gut has not healed and he is not absorbing all nutrients so he's deficient. There's much more work to do than diet alone. Supplements and...

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Quickly Reduce Your Child's Symptoms of Autism by Eliminating 7 Specific Foods that Most People Consume Daily

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