Autism, Puberty and Behavior [Podcast Episode #142]

The symptoms of autism can be difficult enough to work with. Puberty brings with it many additional challenges for both parents and their children. Beginning around the age of nine, the body triggers hormones to begin puberty. By the age of fourteen, a noticeable...

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Autism and Anger [Podcast Episode #141]

Bringing Peace Back To The Family Let's address the elephant in the room. Many parents of children on the autism spectrum have concerns about safety for themselves, their other children, or those in their community. Autism and anger often go hand in hand. Anger and...

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Gluten and the Brain [Podcast Episode #138]

Gluten and the Gut Brain Connection Does diet really matter? Yes, the intake of gluten can directly affect the brain and the behavior of your child on the autism spectrum. Gastrointestinal surgeon, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, found the greatest results in treating children...

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