Road trip with Naturally Recovering AutismTips for Car and Air Travel

Traveling with children who have special needs can bring up some of their challenges. Car sickness, anxiety over travel and unfamiliar territory are all issues that can come up quickly. Be prepared!

Car or Air Sickness

Rubbing the earlobes is helpful to reduce nausea. My family has had great success with Hyland’s homeopathic “motion sickness” sublingual melting pills as well. They are available in health food stores and many mainstream drug and grocery stores.

Whenever ascending or descending in an airplane there is internal pressure put on the ears. Children are extremely sensitive to this pressure and it can be painful for them. Give them some water to sip or something to suck on so they are swallowing. This helps keep the ears open. Xylitol candy sucks are a healthy natural sweet treat to have them suck on and keep them swallowing, and they distract them too.


Rub your ears with Karen ThomasRubbing the entire outer portion of the ear helps to calm the system via acupressure points. Headphones with music or stories the kids enjoy are entertaining and calming too.

Stress reducer elixir is a tasteless liquid that can be put directly into the mouth or placed in a small glass of water to drink.

Get a free download to at-home fun sensory calming games here. Also see links to additional podcasts and blog posts on reducing anxiousness below.

Increasing Energy

COQ10/Ubiquinol is a supplement that assists with cellular energy. This is discussed in more detail in my episode on mitochondria dysfunction and autism. Of course, plenty of sleep and adequate hydration with pure water is essential.


For energy and overall health, drink plenty of pure water. Never soda! Soda will dehydrate the system even more. Coconut water is also very hydrating. Learn more about water and quality water filters here. You can make water more appealing for your child with natural stevia water flavor enhancers.


Prevent sunburn to keep anxiety levels down. Commercial sunscreen has multiple harmful chemicals in it. Stick to ones with no toxic chemicals such as this one from Original Sprout.

Oppositional Defiance Disorder

When your child will not do as you ask, you can tell him, “You can either do it, or don’t do it,” then wait. This works to removes the control issue from the situation, giving him the option and the control. Usually, if you wait, he’ll act. Try it!

On a biological level, oppositional defiance disorder can be triggered by heavy metal toxicity. Listen and learn more at, Toxic Heavy Metals Linked to Severe Autistic Behaviors.

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