Did you know that the gut affects a lot more than digestion? An ill gut can create symptoms such as poor speech, issues with social connection, anger, depression, anxiousness, an inability to focus and concentrate, and much more.

It’s important to work with the root causes, then once the toxins, pathogens and inflammation are out of the way some of the physical and behavioral symptoms and the acquired allergies can be eliminated. 

Autism can be a symptom, not a diagnosis. It can be a symptom of something underlying such as toxins, pathogens, infections, a compromised immune system, and inflammation in the brain. Many things cause the symptoms of autism. It’s not just one thing.

Gut Healing

Yes, there is much involved in healing leaky gut and if we don’t heal up the lining of the gut that is allowing undigested foods into the bloodstream so the immune system reacts to them then it keeps happening. The gut lining has many reasons why it may have holes like candida, parasites, glyphosate (in Round-Up weed killer that is sprayed onto food crops), mold biotoxins, Lyme. If we don’t get to the core of the issues then it keeps happening. 

Supplements are required along with the right diet for a long enough period of time, and getting the coinfections cleared. We also must support the organs of detoxification and their pathways during this process. It all takes time. Once all of this is done, or greatly reduced, the allergy elimination can work on eliminating the allergies that were acquired during the time when the gut was ill. Make sense? 

There are many contributing factors in leaky gut from food and non-food related chemicals such as glyphosate, candida, parasites, mold biotoxins, Lyme, toxins including heavy metals, viruses, and general inflammation from foods and toxins. These all must be addressed thoroughly, but today we will discuss how their impact on the gut affects health and behavior. 

For the absolute best results possible, there is what I’ve coined, “The 4 Necessary Stages To Naturally Recovering Autism”. Stage 1 is healing the gut, stage 2 is natural heavy metal detoxification, stage 3 is clearing the coinfections, and stage 4 is brain support and rebalancing.  Today we will focus on stage 1, healing the gut and setting the foundation for detoxification.

I call working with the gut and setting the foundation, stage 1, because the gut controls the brain and makes up about 80% of the immune system. We must begin balancing it and supporting detoxification pathways so your child’s toxins can be reduced much more safely and gently with less possibility of die off symptoms where behaviors can get a lot worse. 

There are usually some kind of Comorbidities, or coinfections. We must work with all of them and eliminate more from coming into their life and keeping the gut, and therefore the child, ill. Glyphosate, candida, parasites, mold biotoxins, Lyme, viruses, and general inflammation from foods and toxins. Plastics, fertilizers, shampoos and lotions, laundry detergents and household cleaning supplies can all contribute.  Toxins are all around us in our food, water and the air we breathe. These toxins include heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum and lead. 

The Mayo Clinic states that children under the age of six are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning. Lead crosses the blood-brain barrier and even in small amounts severely affects the brain, kidneys, cardiovascular system, and the reproductive system. Lead easily passes through the placenta from mother to baby, directly affecting brain development.

Despite the issues created by these toxins and pathogens of anger, depression, anxiousness, inability to focus and concentrate, they largely affect the gut and often speech too.

They disrupt normal brain neurotransmitter function such as:

  • Acetylcholine, affecting memory and motor function
  • Dopamine, affecting autonomic motor control in the brain, behavior, and emotions
  • Serotonin levels in the brain, which helps to regulate violence, mood, sleep and appetite.
  • The GABA system, which we rely on to keep our brain signals calm; when this system is disrupted, we commonly experience anxiety.

Creating symptoms such as:

  • Problems with social engagement
  • Speech issues
  • Aggressive and even violent behavior
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Reclusive behavior and emotional withdrawal
  • Inability to focus and concentrate 

These toxins, pathogens and coinfections  must be addressed thoroughly and all 4 stages are essential to getting the best results.

Many tests are inaccurate too, so you could get a negative result when it is actually positive. You wouldn’t want to not treat something because you thought it wasn’t there and the tests can be a waste of money for this reason.

If everything you use is natural and safe and can only help support the immune system and strengthen it, then you can move forward in confidence.

And the results parents have shared

What might you see from working with the gut alone, before moving onto the next 3 and very important stages?

A success story shared by a mom I helped says,

For the past few months we’ve seen noticeable changes in his behavior! He’s more calm than before and his speech has dramatically improved. His picky eating is very gradually getting better as his gut seems to be healing. He’s much less aggressive. 

My son is talking more and more, connectivity is happening – it’s so encouraging.

Knowledge is power and knowledge is freedom. It can significantly reduce your stress level when you know what to do?

Whether you are working with a practitioner or were but plateaued, and after multiple appointments you realized you had to get educated yourself on answers for your child’s well-being, I get it. This was my story too.

I was told to drug my son and try therapies but we would only be “managing” his symptoms the rest of his life. What if I had listened to them and hadn’t believed there was more I could do for him? I assure you, his life today would be VERY different than it is now. He has graduated college, is happy, healthy, has many great friends, and will go on to live a fulfilling, productive and independent life. 

There are many steps in the 4 stages, but the first is to eliminate the most harmful and inflammatory foods. Please get your free guide of the top 7 foods to avoid so you can begin removing them slowly from your child’s diet.

Get your free food guide here!

Your child is addicted to many of these foods because they contain sugars the candida feed off of to thrive, and many contain opiates, just like the drug, so their cravings make them want them even more.

This transition can be difficult because the “picky eating” issue makes it hard to transition away from the bad foods and into more of the good ones that help heal the gut and do not feed the bad bacteria. This is a slow process of eliminating the bad foods until they are removed from your child’s diet.

After over 30 years as a craniosacral therapist studying the brain and holistic health, and 16 years now of research specifically on the needs of those with autism, I share this knowledge with you as a mentor who has lived through it myself. I know what your journey is like and my goal is to make your journey easier, more direct, with less stress because you have more confidence in knowing what to do for your child’s health to bring them to a more productive, independent life, filled with health and happiness. 

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