There are two different phases in liver detoxification. They are known and referred to as Phase I and Phase II. Stopping short at phase I, will not allow the backed up toxins to get flushed out properly and children with autism have a very congested liver.

Phase I burns toxins with oxygen and enzymes. Phase I breaks down the raw materials. After this takes place the extremely toxic compound benzene is formed. In order to detoxify benzene, and complete the full detoxification process, the Phase II enzymes are needed. Phase II can become disrupted if there is a poor diet, especially one containing too many bad fats such as corn, safflower, sunflower, peanut, canola or soybean oils, a deficiency in the body’s master antioxidant glutathione, toxins such as medications and pesticides, and heavy metals which are particularly damaging to liver enzymes. High fructose corn syrup and sugars create an imbalance in blood sugar which can also be harmful to the liver. It is important to keep your blood sugar under control.

In Phase II the oxidized chemicals are combined with sulfur, organic acids, and amino acids. Protein builds the necessary amino acids cysteine and methionine which build sulfur for Phase II of liver detoxification. Cysteine and methionine build the additional necessary amino acid taurine. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) carries a sulfhydryl group (thiol) which binds to toxins. The master antioxidant glutathione is made in the liver from NAC. Along with these necessary steps healthy methylation and sulfation pathways are all crucial for proper Phase II detoxification. If this does not carry out correctly the liver can become congested and the oxidized chemicals cannot be excreted via the bile or the urine. If these toxins are not released the entire body, bloodstream, immune system, lymphatic system, digestive system, skin and respiratory system may all become toxic causing a myriad of health and behavioral problems.

Excretion takes place via urine or feces. It is crucial that the bowel is in good health so that these toxins do not get reabsorbed into the body. Roughage from green leafy vegetables, and fruit, especially berries, along with plenty of pure water will assist this. Vitamin C and magnesium will both get the bowel moving. Also minimize foods that bind and may cause constipation if this is an issue. Some examples of binding foods are gluten, cheese, and red meat. We discuss toxin binders to help assist the detoxification process in podcast episode 75. We discuss liver support during detoxification in podcast episode 107.



Proteins contain sulfites which turn to sulfates in the body. We need sulfates to assist detoxification, reduce inflammation, and help make stomach acid and digestive enzymes. A lack of ability to properly digest proteins causes the body to become low in sulfates. This combined with a weakened liver make it difficult for the body to properly digest and eliminate many chemicals, including those in foods. Genetically modified foods are known to effect sulfur metabolism.

The enzyme sulfite oxidase converts sulfites to sulfates in our body. Too many sulfites can be dangerous to your health. Too little sulfates also lead to damage to the nervous system, vision, and chronic illness. Due to genetic abnormalities in this enzyme or an improperly working digestive system it is very common to be low in sulfates. The sulfite oxidase enzyme needs molybdenum and vitamin B2, (riboflavin). Both are commonly deficient in children with autism. They can be taken in supplemental form, but foods which build molybdenum are red cabbage and buckwheat. We discuss this in detail in my interview with sulfation expert, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, in podcast episode 24.

An additional way to increase sulfates in the body is through Epsom salts baths. Epsom salts are chemically magnesium sulfate. The sulfates pass through the pours of the skin and get into the bloodstream. Very warm water opens the pours and allows this to be most efficient. One cup of water dissolved in bath water one to three times per day can be helpful.

A pure water source is crucial. Do not give your child tap water that is filled with major toxins. One of the best water filters available is the Aquatru. You can learn the details about it and get my discount code to use if you decide to purchase with podcast episode 87.

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