Placing your connection with your child before curriculum is beneficial to both  homeschooling and non-homeschooling parents.

Parents can get inspired about focusing on connecting with their children before setting up curriculum. Understanding your child’s needs and personal learning style can help both parent and child. 

Is your child a visual learner, or are they more auditory, or kinesthetic? Learning doesn’t have to be boring or stressful if you choose what works best for everyone. It can actually be fun!

Listen to this podcast episode to learn more ways to help understand your child’s needs and the different options in homeschooling with our special guest Jackie Wheeler Wiebe from Homeschool Think Tank.

Through HomeSchool ThinkTank, Jackie strives to connect homeschool families with one another and the resources they need.  You can discover more by subscribing to her weekly podcast, The HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast and by visiting

Jackie is the author of THINK HOMESCHOOL: Live and Learn Your Way!  She wrote this book to help parents decide if homeschooling is the right choice for their family.  It’s available as an audiobook, ebook, and paperback. 

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