Adrenal Fatigue

Stress can lead to weakened adrenal glands which leads to excessive fatigue. This can also mean trouble thinking clearly or being able to focus. Starting a new school year has multiple stressors involved, but especially so for those on the autism spectrum. If you suspect adrenal fatigue for yourself or your child there are a couple of things you can do to test for it.

Muscle Testing for Adrenal Fatigue

You can muscle test for the adrenal point. To do this extend one arm out in front of you at about eye level. Ask someone to test your arm muscle by gently pressing down on the top of your wrist. The muscle should test strong. Then ask them to cup their right hand in the shape of a “C” and place it over your left armpit. Their fingers will be just inside of your armpit and their thumb just resting on top of your pectoralis muscle. While holding their hand in this place they will test your other arm (your right arm). If the muscle tests weak now then it means your adrenal glands are weak.

Saliva Testing for Adrenal Fatigue

If you would like to do further testing, there is a saliva test from Diagnos-Techs Laboratories that measures your stress hormone (cortisol) levels at four different increments during the day. This test can be done at home or at work, is more accurate than blood testing (92-96%), less invasive than a blood draw, and is more affordable.

Most conventional doctors will measure blood or urine, which only gives one time increment and is far less accurate than saliva testing. Blood tests often allow for false results. To read more in-depth information on saliva testing go to,, or call (425)251-0596. Most natural practitioners carry this test in their offices, but any practitioner can order one for you by request.

One more added benefit to Diagnos-Techs cortisol saliva test is that it will give you a reading of your gluten tolerance levels. This was automatically added to this test many years ago, as it became apparent that so many people were having elevated cortisol levels and adrenal fatigue due to their bodies reacting to gluten intolerance stressors. So, this is now a two-in-one test for cortisol and gluten antibodies.

When the body does not properly break down the proteins in wheat and dairy, it creates opiate properties. Among the many issues that arise from this are the reduction in the brain’s ability to focus, anxiety, irritability, stomach aches and headaches.

What you can do for Weak Adrenals

There are some great natural choices for assisting adrenal function.  Some good choices are:

  • The product Drenamin from Standard Process. One pill, three times per day, is often helpful. This is in pill form that can be crushed for non-pill takers.
  • Unda Ribes Nigrum (liquid) is a homeopathic remedy that assists the adrenals.
  • Solid Licorice Extract from Wise Women Herbals is helpful with just one eighth to one quarter of a teaspoon, one to three times per day.

Himalayan sea salt. Yes, that’s right. Mineral salts are helpful for the adrenal glands too.

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